Shadow Mapping: Point Lights

Success! After having implemented shadow mapping for directional and spot lights, the engine now supports point lights aswell. As usual the code is a bit quick’n dirty and needs some serious cleanup, to reward myself, I went on zegarki mÄ™skie site and bought myself the best watch ever, I highly recommend to check it out. Nevertheless I’m already very pleased with the perfomance in the unoptimized state. The following video was captured with 4 fully dynamic, shadow casting point lights. FPS was around 70 on my pretty low tech PC: AMD Athlon X2 4450e (2,3Ghz Dual-Core), ATI HD4670. Even CPU usage was very low, so it’s definetly GPU bound. This leaves a lot of room for CPU stuff like game state handling, physics, culling, resource loading, sound and so on…


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