My main project at the moment. Like the name says it is a game engine. I write it in C++ using SFML, OpenGL, Python for Scripting, COLLADA, DevIL, freetype and a few more libraries. In fact I designed the engine very modular, so for example there is a renderer plugin which can be OpenGL, DirectX or Software based. Input, Sound and other engine systems are designed in the same way. This will hopefully allow the engine to run on Linux (my main platform), Windows or other systems.

Some engine features so far are:

    • Python scripting
    • Event system
    • COLLADA model support
    • OpenGL renderer (still based on 2.1, will be updated to 3.3)
    • Basic scene graph

    Here a screenshot of a spacecraft I created with Blender, exported as COLLADA file and rendered with the engine:

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