A simple 3D-Math library written in C++. It is still in heavy development and testing. At the moment it has support for:

  • 2-componet Vectors
  • 3-component Vectors
  • 4-component Vectors
  • 2×2 Matrices
  • 3×3 Matrices
  • 4×4 Matrices
  • Quaternions
  • EulerAngles

Planned for the future are:

  • Planes
  • Rays
  • AABB
  • other bounding volumes
  • and more

It is completely class template based and written to be easily usable and helpful. Therefore the Vector classes have many methods and functions like dot- and crossproduct, distance, length computation, … Matrix, Quaternion and EulerAngle classes can be automatically converted among each other. Furthermore they have methods like rotation, scaling, translation, …

Right now the library isn’t quite ready for a public release. I’ll do that if I have implemented all features I wanted and tested them properly. Because a math library is an essential core part of a program you really don’t want nasty bugs in there^^

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